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This weeks architecte de la semaine is Vincent Callebaut Architectures, of France/Belgium. A 2000 graduate from the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Intercommunale Victor Horta, Bruxelles, Vincent was the winner of his class’ Grand Prix d’Architecture René Serrure [thesis award]. Since his graduation he has worked on [and won] several competitions, both on his own and through collaborations with architects such as Joël Claisse Architectures and [more notably] Massimiliano Fuksas.


The first featured project is the 150 ha Masterplan for the Vatnsmyri Airfield Site, in Reykjavik, Iceland [2007]. The project is very masterplanning meets architecture meets giant sea monster attacking a Japanese city – à la Walking City by Archigram, or the Godzilla Tower by Michael Sorkin. So we here at MNP [obviously] love it.


Rather than your typical masterplan – extending the existing urban fabric over the newly appropriated terrain – Callebaut creates an amorphous, organic structure that seems to grow from the pre-existing airfield and extend feelers and arms out to make connections with the rest of the city – while maintaining [it appears] many of the air field’s lines.


The project is reminiscent of Koolhaas’ idea of BIGNESS – in that it appears to disregard its context completely [‘f@*k context’ is, I believe, how Rem put it], on an aesthetic level. Here the architecture and the masterplan are one and the same, sprawling across a large landscape and justifying its [their?] appearance through shear force of will – establishing a presence that is both alien to the context and interconnected to it at the same time.


This type of sprawling, organic, futuristic city design seems to be becoming increasingly popular – as seen in recent projects such as the Metropol Parasol [which is actually being constructed, with some help from Arup, I believe]. They seem to carry with them an egalitarian, even utopian, vision of the future of our cities – one interconnected form ‘growing’ from the context to accommodate growth in the city itself. While these new forms may the future of the city’s expansion, what I wonder now is if the city as we know it will be overrun – such as with Somnath Ray’s Para-City– or if the pre-existing cities will fall by the wayside, becoming large scale slums as seen in Frank Miller’s vision of a future New York in Ronin.


Unfortunately, outside of commenting on the beauty of Callebaut’s images, thats all I can say – as there’s damn near no information available about the project at all. If I find anything more, perhaps some program?, I’ll be sure to let you know, my ninjas.

[all images and information from Vincent Callebaut Architectures website]

Posted: March 21st, 2007
at 4:32pm by orangemenace

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  1. […] Vincent Callebaut Architecture Thanks to Arch MNP i found these wonderfoul Architects. Vincent Callebaut Architects created some impressing ideas, wich are very good documentated on the Website. Below you can see the work made for a competition in Dublin. Believe me- my english is way to bad to make a conclusion about the project, and it does not make any sense to COPYPAST the text from the original site. So i just copied the Rendering to make you believe provides content! In fact Archispass does not- So take time and check Vincent Callebaut Architects. And if you have not so much time check Arch MNP where you can find two selected works. And if you are in hurry watch the Rendering below, and hope that no one is asking you for any further information…but you’ll miss something! Grace a Arch MNP j’ai trouve Vincent Callebaut Architects. Un archi exceptionel avec une site exeptionel. Il faut voir la site: Pleine d’informations detailles sur plein de projects interessants. L’image dessous, vient du travail pour un concours a Dublin en Irlande. Pour plus d’info faites voir le site(encore une fois- il faut pas le ratter!) […]



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