PushPull House


Push Pull House – 3rd Place Entry from the New Home on the Range [AIA] Competition, Denver, 2004.


The Push&Pull House questions the preconceptions of the single-family house. Three entities: a ground, a roof and a set of movable modules. The simplicity of the elements is here to develop an interval, a space “in between” which is offered to create infinity of combination and use. No plan for an endless number of plans. The family needs instant possibility to redefine their own core regarding of their activities. The house as a reduced function disappears in order to produce an efficient interactivity between the residents and their environment. It claims a dynamic way of live in. The movable modules integrate all the basic functions of the house and delimit intimate spaces. The modules are compact, ergonomic, transformable, connectible, exchangeable and they slide on a surface which define primary macro-designed furniture on the totality of the site. The “plug and play” power-generating roof supports all the energetic flows and drains the modules.


While I’m not 100% on the details of the project, it seems interesting as a concept. I’d be interested in learning more about the building enclosure, as right now it seems to be a glass plain hovering over all the ‘modules’ -which is great to look at, but not really a solution [unless we’re going for expensive and hard to manage].


I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of these ads [above] all over my ‘living room’ – especially Walmart – but the idea of condensing the ‘house’ into its various elements and offering them as solitary modules is a compelling one. Below is a list of the proposed pieces.


In order from left to right, top to bottom [image above]:

King Size Bed
Single Bed (x2)
Media Box
Single Shower Show (x2)
Super Restroom
Multi Bar
Family car [in this instance – a Mustang Coupe GT, apparently]

More detailed specs on the website, including details for each ‘module’.


view the movie

::all images and text from PushPull House at buildingbuilding.org::

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