dynamic architecture = green architecture


Set to be constructed – of course – in Dubai, this skyscraper designed by architect David Fisher rotates by wind power. But not as a whole – this building rotates by individual floor, creating what Fisher calls ‘dynamic architecture’.

Dynamic Architecture buildings keep modifying their shape. As each floor rotates separately, the form of the building changes constantly; you may not see the same building twice.

Dynamic architecture marks a new era in architecture. This new approach, based on motion dynamics, is in fact a challenge to traditional architecture that until now was based on gravity.

Dynamic Architecture buildings will become the symbol of a new philosophy that will change the look of our cities and the concept of living. From now on, buildings will have a fourth new dimension TIME. Buildings will not be confined to rigid shapes; construction will have a new approach and flexibility. Cities will change faster than we ever imagined. [David Fisher, from dynamicarchitecture.net]

So I know what you’re thinking – incredibly wasteful, right? Not if Fisher is successful in placing horizontal wind turbines between each of the tower’s floors – providing 48 turbines to power the building’s spinning.


In addition to the horizontal turbines, the building is to be fitted with photovoltaic panels on the roof – generating approximately 7 million dollars worth of electricity every year, according to Fisher.

Each turbine can produce 0.3 megawatt of electricity, compared to 1-1.5 megawatt generated by a normal vertical turbine (windmill). Considering that Dubai gets 4,000 wind hours annually, the turbines incorporated into the building can generate 1,200,000 kilowatt-hour of energy.

As average annual power consumption of a family is estimated to be 24,000 kilowatt-hour, each turbine can supply energy for about 50 families. The Dynamic Architecture tower in Dubai will be having 200 apartments and hence four turbines can take care of their energy needs. The surplus clean energy produced by the remaining 44 turbines can light up the neighborhood of the building. [David Fisher, from dynamicarchitecture.net]

So, the building doesn’t just power itself and it’s own spinning/rotating – it can also power its surrounding urban area? My ninja, please


What’s with people and spinning buildings?

::all images and info from dynamicarchitecture.net::

Posted: May 15th, 2007
at 12:41pm by orangemenace

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  1. very nice and attractive pictures…..


    2 Oct 08 at 3:22 am


  2. I’ve always wanted to be an architect. But my dad said that some times architects don’t focus and get all caught up in theyre ideas that they dont do the diminsions right.

    Jessie Fouard

    6 Oct 08 at 3:40 pm


  3. It is not only your question Sarita. Many people asking about plumbing n wireing. I dont know exactly how they arrange plumbing, electric wireing n common circulation space, but i think it is not great problems for them. If there was problemsin plumbing,they would not lunch such preview of dynamic icon.
    It is 100 percent different in terms of rotation n clean energy production.If we see the history of making building, there are many story but except shelter wat did it give?,to this point Nishant n kennon B williams cant comment.
    Many people belive that architecture is not a goal but it should support the objectives of the business but now we have to think one more cuz this truth can changed, architecture can be goal.

    Gh. Nabin

    7 Oct 08 at 8:19 am


  4. great idea ^^

    well,, since ‘nothings’s impossible’.. i think this buildingis a great invention,, juz wait to be happen n realized.


    13 Oct 08 at 1:55 am


  5. la primera imagen es subliminal, tiene una cara de diablo encachonado wei!…


    17 Oct 08 at 12:42 am


  6. absolutely bloody mazing id love to meet the architect id pay a billion quid for an apartment in this place its unique not to mention it’ll look awsome


    28 Oct 08 at 9:40 pm


  7. Great ideas isn’t folks! Whether we give good and bad comments about the design….still consider a magnificent idea. What is important now is we have already reach the milestone where an opening door to all great designers in this world that we can do possible things beyond our imagination…….so start doing ur work for the betterment of mankind without dangering one’s life.


    31 Oct 08 at 8:31 am


  8. Im very much agreed with mr. nishant rai
    will this structure give the comfort to the people
    if this is a commercial build then i think this will not work
    nd if this is residential build then also it cant give comfort
    to the people resting, as a human cant sleep in a rotating motion

    vivek painuli

    6 Nov 08 at 2:36 am


  9. why should the building rotate? It will just make the users lazy… everything moves with just one click! Buildings should also consider that human beings have hands and feet! Why not just provide the windows on all side and let the user explore it by himself! If all building were to be built this way in the future surely humans will have a shorter life span! Yes, the building is surely hi-tech and all… but people are also nature… we are the ones to be considered first!


    22 Jan 09 at 9:24 pm


  10. i think david fisher had a great idea; it’s a big revolution
    i am studing about it for a school project
    does anybody can help me to understand how the floors rotate, i don’t talk about wind turbine;i know the centre of the tower doesn’t rotate, so how each floors rotate?

    sorry i don’t speak english very well because i am french
    thanks for ur help


    1 Feb 09 at 1:47 pm


  11. i studied all the comment,surely i agree with sarita’s comment how people stay,live and do their work and plummbing system, wiring system etc…and challeng of architecte for new inovation but i like to say for u that why are u afraid with these element on rotating building, surely all the element in the buildig will be rotate as the building be rotate, as u know that , now also all the building are also rotating due to the rotation of the earth but we didnt feel, i think if the rotating velocity is managed in such a way that it will be pssible,The reduction of effective gravity by the Earth’s rotation,and and doing on research on rotational motion of building and its impact will finally produced a solution…so all things that u have said will be exist…
    1. all objects are in orbit of some kind.
    2. all orbiting objects experience torques that tend to cause the object to face the centre of rotation (which gives the object rotation about its own centre of mass)
    3. These torques can only be resisted by gyroscopic forces, which means that the object must be rotating about its axis

    poudel basu

    13 Mar 09 at 1:42 am


  12. I have a few question about the building; is the rotation of the building effect the surrounding environment? its glare, its energy lost effect our body? or is there some kind of radiation from the building that came from the turbine? i would like to hear some comments, for my research purpose on my desertation proposal. thanks.

    anson diem

    23 Mar 09 at 3:38 pm


  13. Undoubtedly a great innovation……….may easily have evolved a new dimension in architecture …..
    But I seriously do not agree with some comments left previously ….which states about the improvement the building is going to bring 2 mankind ………
    If sumone has some innovations he/she must try it out ….THIS BUILDING IS NOT GONNA B BUILT AT DA COST OF MANKIND ………..
    I wud jus love 2 ask wat development has Mr. Nishant Rai or Sarita R. done 2 mankind till date ……..and xactly wat r the deliverables they think should be for any building (so that they can b tagged as a BUILDING 4 THE MANKIND)………
    For any body who does not have a proper knowledge of the building should know that the speed of rotation of the floors are not equal 2 wind velocity ……..floors r going to rotate very slowly ………none inside is hardly going 2 feel it …..
    One noticing at may be 5 different times of the day will b able 2 perceive the different forms the building is gonna attain ………
    Moreover I wud love 2 request 2 people not 2 leave absurd and antediluvian comments without much researching about the topic ……….
    Hail David Fischer………..

    Alikzander Zhirkov

    30 Mar 09 at 7:17 am


  14. dear alikzander
    well we all appreciate the very idea of david fisher..
    but why dont u just explain the very functioning of the building..(instead of commenting on oder’s comment n calling it absurd)
    no body has even reached to answer the query.. how will the services be taken care of
    obviouslyy there are going to be service pipes n ducts inside the building
    do we expect them to be rotating all the time if so den how will it be finally connected to the firm ground
    wenn all of it is rotating all d time

    azeen rosh

    11 Apr 09 at 8:17 am


  15. will it ever get rusty enough to stop rotating and fall over?


    27 May 09 at 2:52 pm


  16. I do not think it will work on a mass scale, its too impractical in the end, the rotation just to have a good view would only go as a reason so far, what about safety, utilities, even the health factor is at play, it might cause disorientation, seasickness, not to mention something more serious.


    15 Dec 09 at 6:05 pm


  17. The utility systems problem.
    The vertical transport problem.
    suppose 1 floor owner “chased” the Dubai sun from 9am-12noon.that would be…let’s say a quarter change from the floor’s first orientation.
    Emergency calls.
    how long will it take to reposition the owner’s access to the nearest/next elevator?

    Good concept anyway. It challenges Friedrich von Schelling’s “archiutecture is frozen music” experience.


    19 Dec 09 at 2:29 am


  18. ahem .. i like mr anonymous’s query .. about rusting and falling over!!:-)

    azeen rosh

    22 Feb 10 at 2:38 pm



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