Foster’s Green Utopian Desert


Foster + Partners has a plan for the walled city of Masdar in Abu Dhabi that will make it the world’s first zero-carbon and zero-waste city – creating a ‘green’ desert oasis.

A development sponsored by Abu Dhabi’s Future Energy Company, the city will be a 6 square km walled plan – powered by a photovoltaic power plant, wind farms, and research fields & plantations [creating an entirely self sustaining city]. The city will also be car free – creating some kind of tram system for the residents.


“The environmental ambitions of the Masdar Initiative – zero carbon and waste free – are a world first. They have provided us with a challenging design brief that promises to question conventional urban wisdom at a fundamental level. Masdar promises to set new benchmarks for the sustainable city of the future.” [Norman Foster]



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Posted: May 8th, 2007
at 11:02am by orangemenace

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  3. Really good idea, wheres the fresh water coming from?


    23 Mar 08 at 6:42 pm


  4. Then, how the city will grow? or it won’t?

    It’s a fantastic idea though

    Qaisy J.

    17 Sep 08 at 11:34 pm



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