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Let me start by saying that Mecanoo is one of my favorite firms – as their work is INCREDIBLE – and I don’t know how they haven’t been on myninjaplease yet. I’m sorry. To make up for it, Mecanoo is this weeks architecte de la semaine. To start out the week, here’s one of the firm’s newest projects – the competition winning design for the National Performing Arts Center in Taiwan.


While the Performing Arts Center differs from many projects by Mecanoo due to its ‘blobitecture’ shape [love it or hate it], the form itself is not as random as it may seem. Rather than creating the blob simply to place an alien shape on the site, Mecanoo has designed a building of canopies – meant to relate to the large banyan trees on the site [the largest trees in the world – look at them in relation to the building/people in the section below].


The center will house a concert hall of 2,300 seats, an opera house with 2,000 seats, a theater hall with 1000 seats, an experimental Black Box with 500 seats, and an open-air theater and park design. As it is a ‘public’ building, there is also a fair amount of open space – including roof gardens that spread out across the large roof ‘canopy’ [section above]- for local residents and visitors to use and enjoy to ‘stroll, practice Tai Chi, mediate or just relax’. These roof gardens are actually a continuation of the landscape – rising from ground level upwards, allowing pedestrians to move upward onto the roof without ever actually entering the building [section below].



Construction will [hopefully] begin in 2009, finishing sometime in 2012 – plenty of time for all of us to save up for a trip to Taiwan. And they’ll need you to visit, as the project is estimated to cost about $300 mil [which means 350-400 at least, since its a government project].


**just added: some videos of the project from YouTube

mecanoo NKPAC Flyaround_landscape

mecanoo NKPAC Park Foyer

mecanoo NKPAC Section

More projects from Mecanoo later this week…::via WAN – images from Mecanoo::

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  2. hi!
    I’m really surprized to read about mecanoo on your page, becouse i’m looking for any information about them all the day, and have not found any information beside their own site. I’m really frustarted.

    Elly from Republic of Georgia


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