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This week’s Green Tuesday feature is one for all the Do-It-Yourself-ers to take notice of : over at A PreFab Project our ninja Chris has been overseeing/getting involved with the construction of his prefab weekend/vacation home in West Virginia – designed by none other than Resolution: 4 Architecture. Chris seems pretty involved with the construction personally, and has been documenting the entire process – from budget to building – over on his blog.

From A PreFab Project:

Blogging the progress on our Res4-designed modern prefab cabin in Lost River, West Virginia. We intend to use the cabin both as a rental and a weekend place, and expect that it will be finished (and available for rent!) by the beginning of August. Please email lostrivermodern AT gmail DOT com with any questions or suggestions.


::info + images from A PreFab Project::

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Posted: August 28th, 2007
at 8:31am by orangemenace

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  1. […] The Stroh Haus, built in Switzerland, was designed by architect Felix Jerusalem using compressed straw bale [seen below]. The house is a modern, prefab, take on straw bale construction – using a prefabricated compressed straw bale kit of parts to assemble the house in wall-sized pieces [seen below] on site. […]


  2. These guys have done a great job documenting this project on their blog. They really show how building prefab really works.
    I might have to rent the place, so I can check it out for myself.

    Jay Jordan

    5 Jan 09 at 2:08 pm



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