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BSA Unbuilt Architecture Award

Winners of the 2010 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture Award have been announced and include Brookline, MA base Choi+Shine – for their entry Land of Giants (above)- along with NYC based NAMELESS for Playcloud (below).

Making only minor alterations to well established steel-framed tower design, we have created a series of towers that are powerful, solemn and variable. These iconic pylon-figures will become monuments in the landscape. Seeing the pylon-figures will become an unforgettable experience, elevating the towers to something more than merely a functional design of necessity.

I’m really in love with Land of Giants – it’s like something out of Middle Earth, but from the future. The idea that these electrical towers could be considered aesthetically in addition to functionally says a lot about what could be done with our infrastructure projects – and the added whimsy of the chosen forms [giants!] is super entertaining. It would be so great if we could consider the fact that we have to look at these things when building our electrical grid, or highways, etc – and then have a little fun with them.

Playcloud explores the narrative potential of a pneumatic and fabric structure. We are not only looking for the utopian implications of the pavilion, but also investing in a practical and sustainable solution for City of Dreams Pavilion.

Playcloud is simply visually stunning in terms of the renderings. These lighter than air, almost ghost-like structures would make for a great pavilion installation -if they’re buildable [i suppose that’s why they’re the ‘unbuilt architecture’ awards].

More images for each project can been seen over at Bustler. There were two other winners of the award, but I didn’t think they were quite as ill. You can find out more over at ArchDaily.


.:Choi+Shine-Land of Giants->

Note: this really has nothing to do with anything, but does anyone else think it’s strange that the BSA doesn’t publish this sort of thing itself? I mean, they have a webpage – no reason why they shouldn’t use it to display winning entries to the competitions they’re holding. Weird.

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reNEWable Times Square

To all our NYC ninjas:

As we’ve all heard, its been decided that the areas on Broadway from 47th to 42nd that were made pedestrian plazas will be permanently converted from streets to public space. While plans are being made for how this should be done, the city is looking for local artists/architects/designers/whoever to submit proposals for temporary surface treatments for all 5 plazas and ancillary spaces.

The final selected design shall be translated into a surface treatment by a contractor selected by the New York City Department of Transportation. The selected artist shall be awarded a design fee in the amount of $15,000 to be funded by the Mayor’s Fund.

The design is expected to be installed by mid-July. The temporary treatment will remain in place for approximately eight months and will be monitored and maintained by the Times Square Alliance. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, April 16, 2010. Questions and answers will be posted to Details on how to submit questions are contained in the RFP.

The design competition is project of New York DOT in partnership with the Times Square Alliance.  As Business Improvement District for Times Square and Broadway Theater District, the Alliance has conducted a number of studies regarding the pedestrian spaces of Times Square and produces public art projects and events.  Information on these activities is available at

Good luck people – AMNP will post the winners when they’re announced.

.:reNEWable Times Square->

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eVolo 2010 Winners

The winners have been announced for the 2010 eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

The winning entry – a ‘Vertical Prison‘ that isn’t actually vertical – looks like an oil rig suspended over a city and repurposed to house inmates. It’s not that the project isn’t interesting or lacks merit – but winner of the competition? My ninjas, please.

Seriously – I suppose I’m just confused as to what the competition is about, if ‘Vertical Prison’ takes first place. It seems to me that the value of this project lies in the sociopolitical implications of integrating our prison systems and our society in the proposed way, rather than in skyscraper design. Under different circumstances I’d actually feel entirely different about this project – but as the eVolo winner? It almost seems unfair to the other entrants that a competition that has been [let’s face it] largely about form-making is going to change gears.

Any thoughts on this year’s winners?

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SHIFTboston + The Greenway Dilemma


The Boston Society of Architects has announced a new design/ideas competition – entitled SHIFTboston – calling on participants to answer a deceivingly simple question: What if this could happen in Boston [‘this’ being your submission]. SHIFT is looking for the most radical ideas that could change Boston for the better, and create a more dynamic city. The winner will receive $1,000.00 – and, along with honored runners-up, will be exhibited across the city and as part of the SHIFTboston forum [which I believe has something to do with an exhibit at Boston’s ICA, which would be cool if true].

Long story short – here’s your chance to put your money design where your mouth is and propose your vision for a better Beantown. Personally, I’m feeling some pressure from my ego to enter – as I talk so much shit around here…

Overview of the Competition Brief

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


The SHIFTboston Ideas Competition 2009 is calling on all innovators to submit the most provocative ideas for the City of Boston. SHIFT would like competitors to think: WHAT IF this could happen in Boston?

SHIFT seeks to collect visions that aim to enhance and electrify the urban experience in Boston. Innovative, radical ideas for new city elements such as public art, landscape, architecture, urban intervention and transportation. Competitors could explore topics such as the future city, energy efficiency and ecological urbanism.

Submissions are due on December 11th, and require a $35 entry fee [pretty cheap, if you ask me].

Now, to piggy-back on to this topic of improving the Hub – why isn’t the Rose Kennedy Greenway a runaway success? The Boston Globe raises the question today, to which I’d like to respond with another question: why should it be?

Diagrammatically, the Greenway is little more than a green roof over the now subterranean expressway [as the Globe points out] – and in reality, the park does little to shake this fact. For those of you not familiar with the project, the Greenway is a narrow band of green surrounded by traffic [I’d estimate that if you combined the roads on either side of the Greenway, then they would be wider than the park itself]. There is little protection from the elements, and nearly no ‘privacy’ from passing traffic. Having lunch on many parts [not all] of the Greenway is like eating on a traffic island.

Now, all of this criticism is incredibly unfair. Local firms are still in the process of designing structures for the Greenway, and the trees and other vegetation haven’t had adequate time to fill in and create a sense of ‘place’ and ‘park’. I’m sure in another 5 years or so it will be a much different, and more successful, place.

BUT, with that said – does Boston need another un-programmed park? The Boston Common is less than a 10 minute walk away, with the Public Gardens just past that. Within the Common and Gardens you nearly have the sense of leaving the city amongst the towering trees and hilled landscape – like a mini Central Park. If you’d prefer something along the water, try the Esplanade – where there is a continuous park along the Charles River, reached by pedestrian bridges to avoid getting run-down by a Masshole. If you need more than that, there’s Commonwealth Ave down to the Fens, into Jamaica Pond and eventually the Arboretum – Boston’s ‘Emerald Necklace‘. Then drop on top of all that the unique neighborhood parks – Pope John Paul park is less than a 10 minute walk from my apartment, and provides a number of beautiful spaces along the Neponset River.

Basically, we’ve got parks and open space – ‘more’ isn’t better. Other than providing a place for workers to eat outside on nice days and a brief patch of green for tourists to walk through on their way from the Aquarium to Faneuil Hall, what is the function of the greenway? Who is it meant to attract? What happens there?

For any of you interested in the SHIFTboston competition, I’d suggest looking at the Greenway as a way to transform the city. Open space in Downtown Boston is a rare thing, and the Greenway could be put to better / more interesting + dynamic use.

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TPAC Proposal by NL Architects


Now this thing right here is AWESOME. Designed by NL Architects, this project was submitted to the Taipei Performing Arts Center competition [which was actually won by OMA]. Nothing against the good ninjas over at OMA – but this proposal is dope.


NL Architects’ scheme transforms the TPAC into much more than a performing arts center – starting at ground-level. The structure is, diagrammatically, a table with four legs – leaving a large open area within/underneath the structure, which can serve as open public space [see images below]. The three upper floors would contain more public functions, including cultural facilities such as a media library, retail space, restaurants, etc. Additional public areas, like swimming pools and parks, could also be scattered throughout the staggering volume.


The performance spaces themselves are then located throughout the structure, distinguished by the variations in the projects massing.

The performing arts center structure will contain three theaters: a 1500 seat grand theater and two 800 seat theaters for repertory performances. The theaters are positioned on different altitudes. The proscenium playhouse is placed at the base of the southeast ‘leg’. The lobby is placed under this theater so that it is flush with the square activating the space around it. The multiform theater is connected to the southwest leg close to the top. The volume of the grand theater is suspended under the horizontal slab. It hovers over the square while being part of it.


All this makes for an interesting exterior – essentially a cube from which spaces are carved-out. But what I find really incredible is the possibility of this ‘internal’ public space created underneath the ‘tabletop’ – both the stacking / staggering / hanging effects of these volumes, and the staircases connecting the varying levels look as if they would make for an incredibly dynamic space.


An additional component that I haven’t mentioned but that I was really feeling is that the elevators have been pulled to the exterior face of the building – so they, and their passengers, will be seen going about their business from the outside. Additionally, these elevators don’t run vertically in the traditional sense – but instead follow an inverted-‘u’ shaped series of tracks on each of the building’s facades. Pretty sick…



And I love the renderings – just to toss that out there.

.:NL Architects blog->

.:NL Architects website->

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2010 Next Generation Competition


“2010 METROPOLIS Next Generation Design Competition


Good design determines how well products, spaces, and systems work from the beginning. We think that great design ideas can make things work even better.�One Design Fix for the Future challenges you to prove us right�whether you are an architect, interior designer, product designer, landscape designer, graphic designer, communication designer. We�re looking for ONE design fix you can make now in your designed environment�the products you use, your home, your workplace, your city, or any commercial application�that, in scale or as inspiration, can improve our future.

To enter, provide one small (but brilliant and elegant) fix�leading to an incremental (or dramatic) change in sustainability. Your fix needn�t have anything to do with �environmentalist engineering� to make a difference. Concentrate on what you know best, are aching to improve in a way that deploys your training and imagination.

DEADLINE: January 29, 2010″

.:competition website->

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MNP Visualization Contest


Greetings ninjas! We would like to offer a challenge to our readership. If we can first direct your attention to the Column – you will find a post entitled Visualization- a post where we visualize

So the challenge is:

Create either with graphics or words, how you, yourself visualize – the three (3) most thoughtful responses will receive a free copy of the 2 Disc (DVD/CD) set of Bob Marley : Stations of the Cross courtesy of MVD Entertainment Group, which comes out today (9/22/09).

The winning entries will be published a week after the termination of the contest which is Tuesday, 8th of October- let the best win!

Please send all entries to


2-disc set includes new documentary film, plus over an hour of rare Marley audio interviews!

THE DVD: This film tells the complete and unexpurgated story of Bob Marley and of the life he led and the music he made. From his earliest days growing up in a small Jamaican village, through his early musical excursions – some 12 years before the world learned his name – to his era as an iconic and much loved superstar, a position he was cruelly only to enjoy for 6 short years. Featuring the rarest footage of Bob and The Wailers in existence [including much from private collections], interviews with his very closest friends, loved ones and associates, contributions from the finest writers and journalists, plus news reports, location shoots, exclusive photographs and much more, this is the best film yet to document Marley’s life as it will prove a delight for the millions of fans still enamored of the man and the music.THE CD: More than an hour of audio interviews with Bob Marley, split into a number of sections, each of which concentrates on a different subject close to man’s heart.

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Ninja Arithmetic LVIII Winner


[Farnsworth House X melting ice cream = UN Studio’s Burnham Pavilion]

We’ve randomly selected a winner of the Ninja Arithmetic LVIII contest – this submission by AMNP reader David from Cincinnati. As the winner, David will receive a copy of Installations by Architects : Experiments in Building and Design by Sarah Bonnemaison and Ronit Eisenbach, provided by the good ninjas over at PA Press.

I’d like to thank all those readers who submitted ninja math equations, all of which will be featured here in the coming weeks. And keep your eyes open for projects that you think might make a good Ninja Arithmetic, as we’ll be having another contest and giveaway in October.

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Pamphlet Architecture 30 Winner


[PA30 Jury, left to right: Toshiko Mori, Kevin Lippert, Michael Bell, and Stan Allen]

A winner has been announced in the Pamphlet Architecture 30 Competition [the one linked to from AMNP’s sidebar for the past 6 months or so]. The winning entry, entitled: Coupling: Strategies for Infrastructural Opportunism, was submitted by InfraNet Lab / Lateral Office and will be published as number 30 in the critically acclaimed Pamphlet Architecture series of publications. InfraNet Lab / Lateral Office, a nonprofit research collective probing the spatial byproducts of contemporary resource logistics, is composed of Mason White, Lola Sheppard, Neeraj Bhatia, and Maya Przybylski. The winning entrants will receive a $2,500 grant to develop their proposal for publication as Pamphlet 30 in September 2011.

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Ninja Math Contest


In an attempt to get AMNP’s Ninja Arithmetic feature up and running again, I’m announcing another book giveaway opportunity for readers. Submit a Ninja Arithmetic of your creation by Monday September 7th and you will be entered to win a copy of Installations by Architects : Experiments in Building and Design by Sarah Bonnemaison and Ronit Eisenbach. From the publisher, PA Press:

The first survey of its kind,Installations by Architects features fifty of the most significant projects from the last twenty-five years by today’s most exciting architects, including Anderson Anderson, Philip Beesley, Diller + Scofidio, John Hejduk, Dan Hoffman, and Kuth/Ranieri Architects. Projects are grouped in critical areas of discussion under the themes of tectonics, body, nature, memory, and public space. Each project is supplemented by interviews with the project architects and the discussions of critics and theorists situated within a larger intellectual context. There is no doubt that installations will continue to play a critical role in the practice of architecture. Installations by Architects aims to contribute to the role of installations in sharpening our understanding of the built environment.

A winner will be randomly selected by a lottery system, with entrants names counted once for each individual Ninja Arithmetic submitted [so submitting multiple ninja maths will increase your odds]. The only guidelines for submissions is that images are 492 pixels wide at 72 pixels/inch, and have a black background. If there are 20 or more entrants, I will choose an additional prize [another book] for ‘second place’. Submissions should be emailed to

The winning submission will be displayed on AMNP on Wednesday, September 16th – with the other submissions being featured over the following weeks. If you would not like your submission displayed on AMNP if you do not win, please make note of this in your email.

Check out the Ninja Arithmetic archive for inspiration – and good luck!

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